Important notice!

Vitalcloud Security Upgrade!

Please note that this does not affect any Felix nurse call infrastructure or new Vitalcloud services provided after 1st January 2023. 

Vitalcloud Security Upgrade.

Vitalcare is contacting all users of its legacy Vitalcloud reporting software to advise them that an important upgrade needs to occur no later than 1st June 2024.  Please note that this does not affect any Felix nurse call infrastructure or new Vitalcloud services provided after 1st January 2023. If you are unsure if this affects your facility, please don’t hesitate to contact our help desk on 1300 669 888Importantly, legacy versions of Vitalcloud will not be supported from the 1st July 2024. 

The reason for this change is that recently we have become aware of a small risk to users of legacy reporting software and are taking steps to ensure the highest level of data security is maintained for all our clients.  Please note that this upgrade is a preventative measure only and no system or customer data has been compromised.  

Upgrade Process

The upgrade process involves the installation of a new gateway device in the system server at your facility.  This involves a visit from a Vitalcare engineer and minor changes to the facility infrastructure. Once installed you will have access to the revised Vitalcloud reporting engine and your historical data will be migrated to the new server.  

There will be no disruption to the on-site nurse call system or to Vitalcloud reporting during the upgrade.

Once migrated to the new Vitalcloud reporting platform, our Help Desk will be available to support any question your team has and explain new features and functions. While there is a modest cost for the gateway device, we have done our very best to minimise that.  

Upgrade Cost

The cost of this upgrade $995 plus GST.  For those under a Gold Service Contract, this cost is including in your annual fee. The cost will apply for Silver and Bronze Service Contract customers and those without a service contract.   Vitalcare recommends that the upgrade be carried out at the same time as scheduled maintenance to minimise costs, and to ensure the entire nurse call system is functioning correctly and is compliant. This price excludes travel and accommodation costs for our regional customers.

While essential for security purposes, the benefit of the upgrade include the following:

1. Greater level of data security;
2. Revised user interface making viewing and creating reports much easier;
3. Device configuration options including call cancellation;
4. New range of reporting and infographics displays; and 
5. Open pathway to future enhancements.


Vitalcare is asking customers to register their preferred upgrade dates using this link,  Alternatively, contact our Help Desk on 1300 669 888. 

Fill out the form and schedule your Vitalcloud upgrade today!