Automated Thermal Body Temperature Cameras for health facilities

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Protect residents, staff and visitors through early detection


With the increased demand for better visitor and staff monitoring, all residential aged care facilities should be scanning people’s temperature. Using automatic thermal imaging cameras in your facility, you can detect if residents, visitors or staff have an elevated temperature. Early detection and isolation of unwell people are the key to resident and staff safety and continued business operations. 

This innovative technology uses temperature detection cameras to quickly and non-invasively screen body temperatures of people entering the area. Using advanced algorithms the thermographic cameras provide a non-contact and highly efficient way to measure body temperature with an accuracy of around 0.5 degrees Celsius. The system can alert staff of elevated body temperature instantly via the nurse call system, prompting quick action to isolate and avoid the spread of infection.  

At Vitalcare, we understand how important it is for your staff and residents to be safe. By using fix mounted thermal imaging cameras in conjunction with your nurse call system, you can respond quickly to threats protecting all those in your facility and wider community.


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Key features of Thermal Imaging Camera solutions 



Fully automated screening process

Free up staff so they can care for residents



Detailed records kept for contact tracing

Assisting with WHS and dispute resolutions



Feature-filled and easy to install

Providing a complete solution and quick ROI 


Find out how you can protect residents, visitors and staff at your aged care facility through the early detection of people with elevated temperature, talk to the Vitalcare team today.