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A discreet, mobile personal alarm with automatic fall detection and GPS locator 



Personal emergency alarms that take on life with you

The 24/7 mobile medical alarm for life on the go

Wherever you or your loved one goes, Rosie goes too. Hopefully, it will be another great day. But if anything should go wrong, Rosie brings help with the push of a button.

Rosie is there just in case of an emergency like falling, getting lost or becoming suddenly unwell. It’s a safety net that gives you the confidence to enjoy independence and brings your family peace of mind.

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Rosie is available through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Vitalcare is a registered NDIS provider of assistive technology. That means NDIS Participants may be able to get Rosie using NDIS funding if assistive technology supports are specified in their NDIS plan.



Get the all-new Rosie Personal Alarm Watch and 24/7 monitoring for $39/month, plus a one-time establishment fee of $50.

Your package includes:

• Rosie personal alarm watch 
• 24/7 monitoring service 
• Telstra 4G/3G SIM
• Key safe
• Free delivery


How do Rosie 24/7 personal emergency response alarms work?


Automatic Fall Detection

Rosie detects the impact of a fall and our trained operators contact you right away to make sure you're OK



Help at the press of a button

Call when help is needed 24/7. Emergency calls monitored by Australia operators



24/7 monitoring there to help

We’re always here — calls are answered quickly within Australia


We locate you anywhere

Devices contain a GPS tracker that pinpoints your location so we can bring help fast


Determine your support needs

We identify what help is required and we send the right assistance


We send help quickly

We take action and call your contacts, ambulance, police or fire service as required

The Rosie Difference

Peace of mind anywhere

Life can change quickly. You slip while walking the dog, your partner tumbles out of their wheelchair, your Mum has a medical crisis, your Dad wanders away from home and becomes lost.

Risk shouldn't stop anyone living life - it's good to be active and engaged. But it's also good to have an emergency plan, just in case something goes wrong.

That’s where Rosie comes in. It’s a 24/7 personal alarm service which brings immediate help in an emergency. Knowing you're safe or that your loved one is protected improves confidence and quality of life.


Rosie Lifestyle Video pendant and watch


The Rosie features


fall Detects a fall, even if you can't press the button
waterproofIs waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower, bath or pool 
Is shockproof, meaning it won't break in a fall
rechargableBuilt-in GPS technology, so we can get help to you quickly
long-battery-lifeHas a long battery life and recharges quickly
three-way-voice-communicationHas two-way voice communication
Works Australia-wide, wherever there is mobile service

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