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Nurse call and critical messaging technology solution supporting emergencies.

Temporary emergency nurse call solution in a box

When a medical emergency occurs, staff are in high demand, and fast, reliable communication becomes critical. In these situations, onsite wireless communication solutions can be deployed to assist staff to respond quickly to a high volume of patient’s needs.

Vitalcare is providing a pre-configured, fast and easy to set up critical messaging solution in a box to support clinical emergency situations and setups. The flexible system can be easily installed and deployed onsite anywhere, in a matter of minutes.

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Features of the emergency nurse call solution include:

• Pre-configured and easy setup critical messaging solution in a box that works anywhere.
• Advanced messaging, paging systems, personal alarms, and positioning for all levels of care.
• Voice communication and wireless handsets to support staff safety.
• Secure and scalable nurse call solution for all requirements.
• Proven wireless technology success in Australia and New Zealand.
• Remote support and connectivity to assure continuity of care.
• Real-time data, analytics, and reporting via Vitalcloud.


How does it work?

Vitalcare has engineered a pre-configured nurse call solution for emergency situations. The temporary nurse call solution comes in a self-contained ruggedised case — not much larger than a briefcase. It plugs into power, and even includes an internal battery backup for over 4-hours of continuous operation, and connection to the internet for reporting, remote configuration and system management.


No wiring is needed to deploy either call points and pendants to patient rooms as the whole system operates on a version of the LoRa protocol used widely for IoT applications.

nurseDoctors, nurses and care staff are provided with pagers or can use their mobile phones to be alerted of nurse call activations to improve response times. Staff can be provided pendants to support staff safety. LED signs can also be provided.


The system has an unlimited capacity of call points and pendants and can cover an extensive physical area — such as a whole resort, or multiple level hotels. It can also be extended with battery or solar-powered repeaters, or via the internet, to connect multiple sites together.


Installation is simple. Wireless call points powered by internal batteries are fixed to walls or bed heads with double-sided tape. Alternatively, neck pendants and wrist alarms are simply worn by the patient.

Not only can a fully functional nurse call system be deployed within a matter of minutes, once the crisis is over, it can also be removed with virtually no physical impact to the facility.

The technology offers an enterprise solution including pagers and professional messaging, personal alarms, and positioning over a secure, dedicated wireless network. Customisable architecture can be easily deployed and transported anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

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Real-Time Location System


Workflow efficiency


Fast communication


Bed and staff management


Patient and staff safety


Case Study 1

Lightning Strike

Facility A was struck by lightning in a severe storm. The strike destroyed the electrical system, televisions, phones and the nurse call system. Vitalcare engineers attended the site and concluded it would take some days to make repairs during which time there would be no nurse call functionality. As a temporary measure, engineers supplied the Vitalcare Temporary Nurse Call System, including over 100 pendants to residents. The system was live within 15 minutes and all residents had replacement nurse call functionality within the hour.


Case Study 2 

Catastrophic System Failure

Facility B had a complete system failure at 6pm on New Years eve. The system was old and end of life, and no longer supported by the supplier. Vitalcare supplied a Temporary Nurse Call System including over 50 calls points installed by beds and in bathrooms. Nurse call functionality was restored within 2 hours of the original failure.







Case Study 3

Pop-up Ward Expansion

During COVID-19 crisis, a holiday resort required immediate nurse call function and critical messaging across multiple resort rooms in a facility spread across several acres. The Vitalcare Temporary Nurse Call System was able to provide comprehensive nurse call functionality, including notification to pagers to doctors, nurses and facility staff.